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Polished Nail
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Polished NailNail

Polished is committed to providing the highest services and treatments. We are proud to have a skilled, experienced, friendly and professional staff. All our products have been carefully researched and selected and are of the highest quality available and are environmentally friendly. Your services should be perfect every time. If not, please let us know and we’ll do it right.

  • We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover
  • No personal check accepted.
  • Please be advissed that management reserves the right to adjust the appointment time of schedule or terminate services if guest is tardy for scheduled appointment with cancellation policies.

Please call ahead of appointment time if you want to cancel due to emergency

Like the bamboo plant, we continue to grow in ecologically friendly and diverse directions, continuously thinking of ways to offer you the best and the most natural beauty treatments available. Visit Polished, stay with us a while, and leave feeling at peace with yourself and with the natural world. The strong and supply bamboo plant has long been a symbol of nature’s versatility and purity. At Polished, we embrace natural products and services as the best way to look and feel truly beautiful.

Website: polishednailcary.com

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  • DMC SaigonMỹ thuật PPA
  • tìm chúng tôi tại 9 Hồ Biểu Chánh, Phường 12, Quận Phú Nhuận, Tp. HCM, Việt Nam

    gọi cho chúng tôi Tel: (028) 62716582
    Hotline: 0976660111

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